Naomi Campbell Walks A Different Kind Of Runway In The Latest “Being Naomi”

If only we had all taken our lead from supermodel and philanthropist Naomi Campbell

Earlier today, photos started to leak of the catwalk queen stomping through LAX airport on her way back to New York City. As the pictures started to leak, we quickly realized that Campbell was without doubt, the most prepared supermodel for the pandemic that our country is currently embroiled in.

“So, here’s my outfit,” she says in the video below (Campbell is decked out in a $15.99 Amazon purchase; a DuPont Industrial & Scientific Disposable Elastic Waist, Bootie and Hood Tyvek Coverall Suit). The look would not be complete without some form of high fashion couture, so Campbell gives a little Burberry realness in black high top sneaks and a beige cape from the luxury brand.

Campbell purchased both her suit and goggles six weeks ago, but has been wearing both a mask and gloves while flying for many years. She tells People that “she started  wearing gloves after an airport employee told her how unsanitary the airport security trays are (especially after considering how many germs travel necessities like laptops, iPads, passports, etc. are exposed to during travel)”.

Follow Naomi Campbell’s continuing journey on her YouTube show Being Naomi here 

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