Need your Game of Thrones fix? Can’t wait until Sunday?

I was introduced to Game of Thrones (GoT) about 1/2 way through season 3.   Using HBOGo on my AppleTV, I was able to binge watch all the way up to the new releases.  If you've ever binge watched something, there's always a feeling of withdrawal when you catch up to the present and have to wait for the new releases each week. 

What can fill the gap while you wait for new episodes?  If you haven't viewed FunnyorDie's Gay of Thrones, it's a must. Take a click over to its site here.  Here's a taste of the latest installment.  If you are behind on GoT, of course don't watch.



As the original GoT's series installments, not all of the Gay of Thrones are hits.  Then again, some of Gay recaps are more entertaining than what HBO offers. Watch the real offering on Sunday and then the Gay version on Monday.  As you can see, the premise is hair stylist Jonathan explains the episode to a guest star, some are fans and others are GoT virgins.  It might be fun to recap past seasons by going through the Gay of Thrones vault.  Let the binge watching begin. 

I wonder what Jonathan will say / do if we ever get full-frontal from a male GoT actor.

Others have released GoT inspired videos.  One humorous video series out there, BadLipReading, gives us a spoof where GoT characters are participants in a Medieval Land Fun-Time World.  No spoilers here, but just some good GoT humor.



and here are some out takes that didn't make the final cut.



What do you do to bide the time between GoT offerings? 

Any good message boards or other video creations out there? 


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