Netflix Clapped Back At Hateful Trolls Bashing Their Alyssa Edwards Documentary Announcement

Image via VH1

Bless companies with really funny social media staff.

Yesterday, it was announced that drag superstar Alyssa Edwards is getting a Netflix documentary titled Dancing Queen.

After making the announcement on Facebook that the Drag Race star has a show in the works, homophobes, of course, came out of the woodwork. But according to Queerty, the story didn't end there.

Thankfully, whoever was helmming the Netflix Facebook account was ready and waiting.







Bless Netflix for this hilarious show of clap backs. Bless Netflix for bringing us this show in the first place. And bless anyone who has to deal with trolls like this on a regular basis.

But let’s forget about the trolls and move on to better things like Dancing Queen which premieres on Netflix on October 5.

h/t: Queerty

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