New Aaron Hernandez Documentary Explores The Former NFL Player’s Bisexuality

A documentary about Aaron Hernandez has some… interesting commentary.


Oxygen recently released a two-part documentary, titled “Aaron Hernandez Uncovered,” about the former NFL player who committed suicide while in prison for two suspected murder charges (the trials of which were later acquitted).

Rumors of Hernandez’s sexuality started to circulate during the trails after freelancer Michele McPhee first reported on his bisexuality.

Now, the second part of the documentary seems to be heavily focused on his sexuality.

First, one of Hernandez’s attorneys stated that Hernandez was extremely worried about his sexuality getting out.


“His biggest concern about his sexuality was how it would impact [Hernandez’s fiancee] Shayanna [Jenkins] and somehow diminish — in her eyes — the tremendous love that he felt for her,” said attorney George Leontire, “Here’s a man who happened to be gay who loved a woman.”

“This man clearly was gay,” Leontire added. “Acknowledged the immense pain that it caused him. I think that he also came out of a culture that was so negative about gay people that he exhibited some self-hatred.”

Jenkins herself spoke on the issue and shared that she first heard word of Hernandez’s sexuality from Jose Baez who was on the former athlete’s defense team.

“Jose speaking to me about Aaron’s sexuality was very hard because I was confused. I still kind of am,” she said. “When you feel like you’ve kind of had it all with that one individual, it’s just something that took years to build, and now it’s completely breaking down. But I would not want him to go through anything by himself. I was the only thing that he had. Hurt or not — and I was hurt — I had to fight through it.”


On top of that, it seems that Hernandez had a pen pal while he was in prison. Alyssa Anderson, who had dated Hernandez when they were students at the University of Florida, admitted on the documentary that she was exchanging letters with the man.

During that video interview, Anderson shared that she was aware of Hernandez dating a man while they were in college, though she doesn’t know the finer details.

“Back in college there were text messages I saw on his phone when he came back from a trip to Connecticut,” she said. “There was a male, didn’t have a name, didn’t say too much, but it was a relationship with somebody. And when I questioned about it, he always denied it.

“In one of the letters he opened up about it, and he did admit to it,” she said.


It’s a shame that Hernandez was so afraid and haunted by the idea of his bisexuality getting out, and that he eventually took his life in 2017. Then just five days later, he was acquitted of the two murder charges.

h/t: BostonGlobe

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