New Underwear Brand Highlights Men of All Sizes for Debut Campaign

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A brand-new underwear brand is going outside the lines of what we usually think of when it comes to men in their tighty whities.

Surge Underwear, which is based in the U.K., launched last week with its debut marketing campaign that is getting the masses talking.


One of the models featured in it is Austin Armacost, who is known for being on Celebrity Big Brother across the pond and The A List: New York in the United States. With his chiseled features, Austin fits in with the stereotypical mold of what you would see in a men’s underwear ad, however Surge wants to go beyond that by highlighting other types of male physique.

“In 2017 NHS figures that show the number of men being admitted to hospital with an eating disorder has risen by 70% over the past six years, and those referred for treatment has risen by more than 40% in the past two years,” the brand said in their official press release.


“We feel as a men’s underwear brand we don’t to add to the pressure men feel to look a certain way. It’s very normal for society to discuss women suffering from body image issues but the men seem to be forgotten and we hope to help to change this in any way we can.”

Austin, who is not only a model but also serves as one of Surge’s directors, also had this to say:


“We sat down and designed this range over a year ago and from day 1 it was decided that our brand was going to be an inclusive brand. We do not want to ostracize anyone. Men with muscles, skinny guys, larger guys we want them all to feel sexy and confident when wearing our brand. Every single person is beautiful and this needs to be celebrated more. There is a lot of talk of female high street brands using plus size models but where are the men? We want to add towards overcoming an unattainable beauty standard and display an accurate representation of the “Every day man.”

Check out all the hunky guys featured below, and for more info on Surge, click here.

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  1. This is a women’s underwear

    This is a women's underwear campaign-BUT FOR MEN.I think men could'nt care less about model's figure.We care about "hotness".


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