Nick Offerman Runs Around Naked on the Latest ‘Will & Grace’

I have been going through some major Will & Grace withdrawals, as there was only one new episode in the past month so I was elated to find out that Thursday night's was brand spanking new.  Not only that, but one of my biggest crushes Nick Offerman was the guest star this episode, so that made the thrill of watching this episode that much higher.

The A storyline centers around Will & Grace dating the same guy, which I'm shocked never happened in the original eight season run of the show. They decide to take up a cooking class with one another after Jack points out the obvious on just how boring the two of them have become.  They learn that there is a special guest who will be teaching the class named Jackson Boudreax (Nick) who hosts a show called "Extreme Bread."  It is here where Jackson does a great job at flirting with both Will & Grace separately, and then subsequently asks them out without each other knowing.

One of the funniest (and sexiest) parts of the episode comes when they have their separate encounters, both at Will's apartment, where Grace walks out of her room in some sexy lingerie, followed by Will wearing basic pajamas and then Jackson wearing absolutely nothing.  This then gets reversed to Will wearing a sexy robe, Grace wearing hideous pajamas while pulling out a wedgie and once again Jackson being naked.  I enjoy Nick/Jackson being naked a lot, this should happen more.

At some point, W&G figure out that they are both dating Jackson, and he suggests that the two of them come over to his place for a "party".  They then head there, realize it's just for the two of them, and get the balls up to actually do a three way with Jackson.  Once Jackson suggests that W&G get it on first, they leave.

The B storyline revolves around Jack & Karen up to their good ole shenanigans, as they get a commercial for Trucks for Tykes stuck in their head (similar to Kars 4 Kids I believe).  As the episode progresses, they become more and more mentally unstable with the song never leaving their brain, that they eventually check themselves into a hospital and happen to run into Jackson. Jackson, similar to what he did with W&G, offers a three way for them as well, to which Karen says "So not my type" (which makes this even funnier given that Megan Mullally is married to Nick in real life).  Overall, an A- for a great start to the new year.

Observations from 'Friends and Lover':

This is the second time that Nick has appeared on W&G.  The first time was when he played a beefy plumber who Karen tries to woo while her husband Stan is in prison.  

I thoroughly enjoyed that Karen's flask was bedazzled as she was making Grace's coffee.  

I do hope that there is some major story development for all four of them soon.  The J&K stuff is hilarious and all, but it would be great to see something happen relationship wise that shifts the course of the show moving forward.

Favorite quotes:

"Well, squirt me into a donut because I'm officially jelly."

Will: "Did you hear they canceled Riverdale?"  Jack: "WHAT?"

"You know what young people don't do? Is say 'that's what young people do'". 

"At 2AM, that's way past your bedtime."

"Are you telling me Will & Grace are Eskimo sisters?"

"Another night of Netflix and chillingly boring."

"What's with the big Winona Ryder overreaction?"

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