Nolan Gould Continues His Fitness Evolution With A New Hobby

Is the suddenly all-grown-up star of Modern Family, Nolan Gould, ready to join the ranks of Joe Manganiello and Channing Tatum in another Magic Mike sequel? While it looks like this was Gould’s first crack at tackling a pole (he confirmed on Instagram that this was his first pole dancing class) it did not stop fans from checking out the video, to the tune of close to 750,000 viewers in under one day.

Definitely in on the joke, Gould cheekily commented “Tragic Mike. Might delete this immediately but had to share the results of my first pole dancing class,” the New York-born actor commented on the video, going on to say “I am uncoordinated and inflexible as hell. My body is basically made of Lego bricks.”  Even former co-star Jesse Tyler Ferguson who gave his former on-screen nephew some good-natured ribbing my simply saying who commented: “Make good tips?”


Post-Modern Family, Gould has emerged as a burgeoning heartthrob and an aspiring big-screen lead (he is starring opposite performers like Joey King in the film Camp) While Gould’s fitness regiment gained attention last winter, Gould is shedding both the image and character of Luke Dunphy. He told the New York Post about the final day of filming the landmark sitcom, saying “Every time I went back to my trailer I’d find a letter someone else had left me, thanking me and saying how awesome the last 11 years have been and asking me to stay in touch. “It didn’t feel like work.”

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