‘Modern Family’ Star Nolan Gould Goes Shirtless In Steamy Photo Spread

While the mischievous and lovable Luke Dunphy was a fan favorite during the entire eleven year run of the ABC sitcom Modern Family, his portrayer Nolan Gould is without a doubt, all grown up. Gould is dropping any quarantine weight he might have gained and taking us on the fitness journey with him. Combining an extremely strict diet (consisting of copious amounts of lean protein and vegetables) along with socially distant workouts with personal trainer and friend Michael, Gould is sharing his stunning transformation and the story behind it with People.


After spending what Gould calls “six months on vacation” it was time to do something. That meant completely changing up his diet and exercise routine.


He told People “I’ve been working out an hour and a half everyday with my friend Michael who is a personal trainer. We have a really cool socially-distant setup that has allowed me to get fit while also being safe. It’s been nice. Especially being unemployed in quarantine, having a reason to get up and stay motivated. It’s been something that’s been very healthy and positive for me in quarantine. It’s really changed my outlook. “As for his eating habits, Gould says “I’m eating so much healthier; even though there’s less of it”

His physical evolution has also helped Gould rediscover a passion; parkour (a training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training). Gould told People “I used to do parkour when I was a kid, and really loved it. Except, there became a point where I kind of started to plateau, or I couldn’t really do the next big move, and it actually scared me, and was getting hurt a lot,” he explains. “I dislocated my hip trying to impress a girl while doing parkour and that was the end. I was done after that, obviously.” He goes on to say “Recently I’ve been going to different spots, wearing a mask and all that. And suddenly, I’m able to do all the things that used to scare me. I just hit my first double front flip recently . I’m obsessed with Keanu Reeves movies — my goal is to one day do my own stunts.”


This isn’t the first time Gould has bared all in a provocative photo shoot. In 2019, Gould (also a member of MENSA) showed off his evolved physique for the first time in front of the lens of celebrity photographer Mike Ruiz. During the shoot for C’est Prune magazine, Gould  showed off his scorching physique, but also spoke openly about growing up in front of the cameras. While he said that it would be “strange moving on” he finished by saying “maybe it’s similar to finally finishing school after years of studying and hard work. I’ll be sad to leave it behind but I’m looking forward to the future”

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