Nyle DiMarco CoStars in Alex Newell’s ‘B.O.Y.’ Music Video

I had the pleasure of seeing Alex Newell open up for Adam Lambert in Hollywood, Fl at the Hard Rock Casino.  The former Glee star was AMAZING!  The only problem was that I did not know any of 5 songs or so that made up Newell's opening act.  I think everyone was utterly impressed with the beats and the energy being thrown down.  A gaggle of older straight couples sitting behind us didn't know who Alex was, but said they loved what was being thrown down.

Here's what Nylon.com had to say about Alex and the video for 'B.O.Y.'

If you watched Glee—which you probably did unless you were living under a rock for six years—then you will recognize Alex Newell, or Unique as we Gleeks know him as. As if singing with the best of Broadway wasn’t enough, Newell is taking the spotlight with his own music. We’re bringing you the exclusive premiere of the music video for “B.O.Y.” off of his debut Power EP. This upbeat breakup anthem features Alex strutting in some killer high heels as he ignores the dreamy Nyle DiMarco—RIP, ANTM—and gives us modern day Gloria Gaynor vibes. 

About the video produced by MNEK, Newell says, “This song is an anthem for anyone who has ever gone through a nasty breakup. I hope it gives people the strength to realize their own self-worth, independent from any relationship. I hope it uplifts them with a beat you can’t help but dance to.”

Forget all about your ex and have a dance party while you watch the video, below. – nylon.com




What are your thoughts on the video?  No, he didn't take his shirt off so I am sure many are disappointed.  Just watch 'Dancing with the Stars' for that. It still is a great song,  shirtless video or not.

One glitch that bothered me was that we all know Nyle is deaf so why was he chatting on the phone or holding the phone up to his ear?  I understand the texting would work just fine, but we all know what TTY or a TDD are right?  There would have been nothing wrong with texting to happen throughout the whole video.  If we are all about accepting everyone, why overlook or alter such a thing?



H/T/  Nylon.com

2 thoughts on “Nyle DiMarco CoStars in Alex Newell’s ‘B.O.Y.’ Music Video”

  1. Nyle is playing a role in a

    Nyle is playing a role in a music video; therefore, isn't it showing acceptance by casting a deaf actor in a portrayal of a hearing person?  

    • As another hearing person I

      As another hearing person I agree that having Nyle portrayed as a hearing person, showing that he is accepted. However, because Nyle has become more famous the general public is well aware that he is deaf so it should be acceptable to show more text messages or using TTY or TDD. I disagree with showing Nyle using the phone like a hearing person, especially when Nyle doesn't have a cochlear implant or hearing aids.


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