Nyle DiMarco Takes His ANTM Title Down Under For DNA.

Nyle DiMarco takes his title winning face and body down under and his pics are keeping us warm all over.

The most recent winner of America's Next Top Model has been awarded this month's cover of DNA Magazine.  Below are a couple of shots from the exclusive photo shoot shared with us by DNA.  He also sat down and answered some pretty personal questions during his recent trip to Australia.

Along with the 10-page shoot we chat to Nyle about his modelling career, being the last winner of America’s Next Top Model and he opened up about his love life:

“Yes, I am still single … Yes, they are still lining up at the door … I would prefer to be with someone who knows ASL [American Sign Language], whether they are deaf or not.”  – DNAmagazine.com

For all the exclusive photos and the interview, you can hit them up for a physical or digital copy of this month's magazine from the DNA Website (http://www.dnamagazine.com.au/default.asp?section_id=315)

Is it me or does DNA like to show a little pubes now and then in their photos?  No complaints here.

Congrats Nyle on your continued success.


H/T DNA and photographer: Christian Scott / www.facebook.com/StudioChristianScott


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