Omarosa’s Alleged Homophobia!

Omarosa’s Alleged Homophobia!

Piers Morgan Claims He Called Her A F*****!

GIRL! Not surprisingly, Reality Television Badass & former White House staff member, Omarosa Manigault, has been one of the most talked about women of the year. She’s even now gaining more attention that the #MeToo movement and even the (for what it’s worth) First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump. Collectively, as a society, we have tried to bury Manigault and her unrelenting ego – seemingly for years, but like the world’s worst cockroach, she continues coming back for more. She literally will not end. She’s been disgraced by a majority of the African American community, has pissed off many talk show hosts including The View’s Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar, and honestly, does anyone really like her? I’m big into the reality television villains, I live for them. Manigault, however, reminds me of a cruel Disney villain who’s ending is ambiguous. Once again, she is damaging her reputation with her words after anchorman, Piers Morgan, tells of his interaction with her.



According to Daily Mail UK – which I’m aware can be sometimes unreliable, but Morgan tweeted this story himself – who appeared on the first edition of Celebrity Apprentice with Manigault, he claims she called him the big ole’ F word. I won’t dare say it, but let’s just say was formerly used as slang for a cigarette. He goes on to state she offered a showmance to him. In the reality television realm, a showmance is a fake relationship two people will put on for the cameras and more airtime. When he denied her preposition, she called him ‘gay’.  Morgan repeats that she began to spread rumors about him being gay to the cast, including telling Boxing Champion, Lennox Lewis, Morgan had been caught giving oral sex to a male waiter. To make matters even worse, he claims she even told Donald Trump she believes Morgan to be in the closet. Like, what on Earth?!

Morgan goes on a huge rant against the Celebrity Big Brother houseguest and it’s not pretty. Some of his choice words – allegedly hers – I am even refusing to type because of the nastiness of it all. Morgan is confused to why she was allowed to work in the White House and is baffled that she is attacking the administration after knowing what type of person she is.

I’m definitely tuning into Big Brother and watching her every move. She’s certainly the most entertaining person in the house and the actual game of Big Brother is so obviously rigged, so don’t count on Manigault leaving our television screens anytime soon. CBS is living for their cash cow – they did allegedly pay her over 1Million to enter the game. They’re going to ride her out until the finale. And we’re all going to be watching her trash the current White House Administration.

To check out Morgan’s full rant on Omarosa head HERE!

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