One on One with The Super Hunky & Nice Jerry O’Connell!

Jerry O'Connell has been one of those guys that just gets dreamier and dreamier each and every year.  It's hard to believe that he started his career as the chubby kid from the hit movie Stand By Me back in 1986.

The tall drink of water has recently graced our small and big screens in roles such as Scream Queens and Mistresses, as well as getting beat for the gods by Ginger Minj at Drag Con in May, but he also has a huge charitable side as we saw last night in New York City.  He was the emcee for The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Hosts "A Magical Evening" Gala.  The organization's mission is dedicated to curing spinal cord injury by funding innovative research, and improving the quality of life for people living with paralysis through grants, information and advocacy.  Also in attendance were some of Christopher Reeve's close friends like Glenn Close and many more.

I got to speak with Jerry about the night ahead, as well as who really wears the pants for his fashion (him or his supermodel wife Rebecca Romijn) and his interesting obsession with the Kardashian family  Take a look!

You look smashing and I've seen you at these events before where you are always very well dressed.  Who are you wearing tonight?

Head to toe Perry Ellis!  

Now do you dress yourself or does your gorgeous wife help you with your style ensemble?

My wife gets everything for me.  I'm terrible at dressing, my wife has actually told me to step it up!

Interesting, so is blue your color or does she prefer something else on you?

I wish I could tell you, my wife does a lot of online shopping, but we got this through Perry Ellis and it looks pretty good!

So you live in Los Angeles yes?

Yes, Calabasas where all the Kardashians live!  I love it, I"m always trying to get on that show in the background and stuff.

Oh, really?

Yes!  When they used to shoot at Dash the store, you can see me outside at the door.  I'm an extra.

I know you are emceeing tonight, so what are you looking forward to the most?

Mostly the inspiring stories that come out of this, they are truly incredible.  It is literally a magical evening! 

For more information on Jerry O'Connell, you can follow him here, and for more on the Christopher and Dana Reeve foundation click here


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