Our Polish Boys Are Back With Another Video But Are Keeping It Native.

We fell in love with Jakub and David from Poland when they released their lip sync video about 5 months ago (Roxette Says "Nice One!" To Gay Couple's Lip Sync Of "Some Other Summer").  I not only had fun watching the boys, but they were clearly having fun and I was reintroduced to Roxette! we thanked the boys with some emails and chats back and forth and wished them th ebest.

Well the best didn't happen. 

After we faced homophobia and threats in our country when we released our "coming out" video we decided to change our society by doing more videos just to show people what gay love looks like and make people to get used to it.


Jakub and David's first video went viral in August of this year and they released their "response to homophobia" video in October (Polish Couple Respond To Hate With New Video).  This time, not only did they star, but they invited their friends and family, too.

The boys, men, lip syncers have decided to do an additional / third video. This time they’ve chosen a polish song sung by the greatest pop diva in their country – Beata Kozidrak. The Polish superstar who is also gay icon in Poland loved video so much that she shared it on her official site sending congratulations to them.

In talking with Jakub and David, the inspiration for their 3 minutes video was to show all four seasons. "When the summer is over everyone is sad. We wanted to show that you can have a fun for a whole year”. They recorded Spring and Autumn in Poland, Summer in Italy, and Winter in Russia and it seems they really had a fun doing it.

It's in Polish, but don't let that stop you.  I loved both of their other videos mainly because of the visuals of the scenery as well as of their happiness. Two every day guys just having fun.



I think it is wonderful that Jakub and David have received such international attention, but we have to give them a HUGE BRAVO for trying to take that message of acceptance back to their country of Poland with this Polish pop hit.

And what does the title of the song "Niebiesko-zielone" mean? It means blue-green.  Jakub elaborated that "Blue and Green are the two colors that brings peace to the world"

And if you liked that one so much, here is the original below.



Thanks again guys.

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