Out2Enroll Seeks Help From LGBT Organizations To Raise Awareness of ACA Enrollment

Since Trump was elected President, the GOP has been out to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Thankfully they have not had much success in deleting Obamacare. However, Trump has taken steps that he hopes will see its downfall. One such action includes shortening the enrollment period from 90 days to 45 days making this year's enrollment only from November 1st to December 15th. The Trump administration has also cut almost all funding to raise awareness about the enrollment period. Lastly Trump signed an executive order allowing people to opt out of the ACA and buy skimpier health care plans.

In response to this, Out2Enroll has launched a coalition of more than 60 organizations to raise awareness about the enrollment period for LGBT individuals. Spear headed by the Center for American Progress, the Sellers Dorsey Foundation and the Federal Agencies Project, the coalition is also bringing in many state and local organizations to get to the word out.

Gautam Raghavan, the White House LGBT liaison during the Obama presidency and an Out2Enroll member said, "National, state, and local partnership has never been more important to raise awareness about health insurance for LGBTQ people nationwide." He said if the Trump administration will not get the word out, then they will. Raghavan stressed they would use any tactics necessary including social media, paid ads, and in person at LGBT centers across the country.

Out2Enroll has been around since the ACA went into effect in 2013, but has not recruited the help of as many organizations as it has this year.

In a recent report from the Center For American Progress, the effects of Out2Enroll's actions can be seen. In the fact that rate of low and middle income LGBT people uninsured has dropped by 35% since the ACA went into effect. 

Out2Enroll hopes to continue the momentum this year, despite the roadblocks the Trump administration is trying to put in place. They want to make sure LGBT people know about their health insurance options and make sure they get the coverage they need for 2018. 

H/T: Washington Blade

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