Pablo Hernandez’s “Toys” Parody Has Us Wanting To Toy With These Boys

Pabloe Hernandez / Screenshot via Youtube

Parody singer Pablo Hernandez does it again.

We all know Hernandez for being involved with videos like VELO’s “Big Dick Daddy” or his own “Bitch, I’m a Bottom!”

This time, Hernandez teamed up with Adam Male (and a bunch of other models) to give us a parody of Charlie XCX’s “Boys,” and give us a little bonus gift to.

Pablo Hernandez got together with director Brad Hammer and multiple Andrew Christian models and small time celebs to the gay community like Cory Lee, Nick Mascardo, Laith Ashley, Jorge Orlando, Nickoles Alexander, Drae Axtell, Manila Luzon, RHEA LITRÉ, Jojo Guadagno, & Matt Ironwood.

Together, they made the music video for the Pink Money Records song “Toys.”

But while Charlie XCX vid caters to different types of straight men (and Tom Daley), Hernandez’s video caters to gay man. And, ones who like to play with toys.



Plus, this gay twist doesn’t just celebrate a gay man’s love of toys but is also sponsored by Adam Male and offers a deal of 50% Off 1 Item + Free Shipping on Orders Over $20 in the US. So head to their website if you don’t want to just think about toys but play with some of your own.

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  1. Just a bunch of whores…poor

    Just a bunch of whores…poor us and escorts wait till they get 50 and nobody will hire them…pathetic life

  2. I don’t understand the need

    I don't understand the need to be always so -in your face-. Also, the more they try to be "sexy" the less sexy they are


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