Pastor Scams HIV Organizations Out of $631,000

A pastor from New York City, Reginald Williams, is being charged with scamming HIV organizations out of more than $631,000. The funds were to be used for medications and treatments for those living with HIV/AIDS. The pastor from Charity Baptist Church of Christ in the Bronx along with two others, Bennie Hadnott and Naomi Barrera, were charged with grand larceny in the Manhattan Supreme Court this week.

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The group allegedly used the money they had scammed out of the non-profits to pay for a trip to the Caribbean, to buy real estate and pocketing $185,000 New York Daily News reports.

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Williams abused his role as president and CEO of Addicts Rehabilitation Center Fund and the Addicts Rehabilitation Center Foundation. According to Williams’ attorney, however, Williams believes “every dime received (from the nonprofits) he was entitled to” after he raised $14 million for the foundation.

Charity Baptist Church of Christ

Cy Vance, Manhattan District Attorney said the group:

Shamelessly stole from publicly funded organizations dedicated to helping vulnerable New Yorkers. Even while their organizations struggled financially – failing to meet contractual obligations and even furloughing employees without pay – these defendants continued to drain the coffers for their personal gain.

Williams has been pastor at Charity Baptist Church of Christ for over 26 years. According to their website, “Pastor Williams is a gifted counselor, preacher/teacher and is highly regarded for his ‘spirit of generosity’”—when it comes to himself, I guess!

Source: New York Daily News


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