Perez Hilton Claims He’s Being Bullied Because of Taylor Swift!

Perez Hilton's Twitter account got suspended yesterday, and he put the alleged blame on music superstar Taylor Swift.  He posted a video on his YouTube where he talked about what went down. 

Essentially, he claims that her team got his account suspended because he published a photo that showed the track list for her album Reputation, which is being released on Friday.  Shortly after he published the photo, he alleged that they asked him to take it down, and then his account was suspended.

"Taylor Swift's fans started posting all over social media, an alleged track list of her album. I didn't know if it was real or not.  If it was real… who cares?  It was a photo of a guy's hand holding a copy of the album," Perez says.  He claims this guy works for Amazon.

Then, he gets heated.  "THE ALBUM COMES OUT IN TWO DAYS!  And you're suspending me… for promoting your album?  I didn't leak music, it's a track listing!"  

He then goes in on the irony of the "posting" times between when he did it versus when she did it.  "To top it all off, an hour after I was suspended for posting the track listing, Taylor Swift posts the track listing and I'm STILL SUSPENDED from Twitter!"

He then goes on to say that he's not mad at Taylor directly, but thinks her management is making some "really dumb decisions."

Watch for yourself.  Do you think he's justified… or just whining? 

What do you think?