Pete Buttigieg Receives LGBT Award

Pete Buttigieg (Screenshot via CBS video “Mayor Pete Buttigieg looks toward 2020.”)

On Saturday, March 30th , Mayor Pete Buttigieg received the Distinguished Service Award from the Gay and Lesbian Alumni of Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s as they recognized his role in leading the LGBTQ community forward in a way that many people weren’t, according to WNDU.

Vice-chair Bryan Ricketts said that it is imperative to have a presence in the community that is proud of who they are and can lead the way towards progress because there were many who could not do so. Pete Buttigieg has done just that, as he said in his acceptance speech “I want to make sure that students know that they’re supported…” as he acknowledged how important it is to keep the community of LGBTQ acceptance within Notre Dame growing, as the institution is still figuring out how to accept students of all sexualities and backgrounds. Acceptance of LGBTQ people is extremely important in any institution as without support, LGBTQ people can feel isolated and misunderstood. By Buttigieg pushing for equality, he is ensuring that everyone feels accepted among their peer group, which may produce a more cohesive student body.

Additionally, Buttigieg mentioned that it is important that millennials such as himself need to produce leadership because he knows that countries such as France and New Zealand have elected millennial leaders, so it stands to reason that the United States shouldn’t have a problem with electing a young person. He also commented that he will have a decision regarding the 2020 election soon and that he hopes that a sense of love and acceptance prevails, and goodness knows we need a sense of love and acceptance in this country.

I’m pleased to hear that Buttigieg received such an award because it really cements my view of him being an all around nice and proactive guy who wants the best for everyone, especially marginalized groups in this country. I am very much looking forward to what the future holds or Pete and it is my hope that his name will appear on the 2020 presidential election ballot because I think he might be just the person we need to enact change within the United States.


h/t: WNDU

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