Pete Buttigieg Reveals The Strangest Thing He’s Put In His Mouth

Chasten and Pete Buttigieg / Image via Instagram @petebuttigieg

Ellen DeGeneres grilled presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg about a variety of topics, both personal and professional, on the latest episode of her talk show on Friday, February 21. 

Pete, 38, appeared cool, calm and collected as the Emmy-winning host asked him questions in a segment called “Candidly Candid Candidates” that ranged from what his home life is like with husband Chasten to which fellow Democratic nominee he’d want to to be stuck on a deserted island with (His answer? Bernie Sanders. “We’d never run out of conversation,” he admitted.)


Ellen then asked him what the strangest thing he had to do or try on the campaign trail (insert naughty pun here). “Have you ever heard of a bacon ball BLT?” he asked her. “That’s a thing at the Iowa State Fair. It was the 4th of about 9 things that I experienced that I will never forget at the Iowa State Fair.” Sounds yummy.

Pete didn’t have the kindest words to say about Colin Jost after Ellen asked him what he thought about his impression of him on Saturday Night Live. “I’d give it a six and a half,” he said after she wanted him to rate Colin’s performance on a scale of 1-10. He then talked about how the two of them went to college with one another twenty years ago and were even in the same dorm at the time. 


Chasten, who was in the audience, then poked fun at him after Ellen wanted to know about the one thing he forgets to do more than anything else. “Laundry, dishes,” he joked as the audience laughed in hysterics. 

You can watch the full clip here.

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