Philadelphia’s Adam Joseph Tells His Own Story Of Pride & Family

Since 2005, Philadelphia meteorologist Adam Joseph has been offering viewers the daily weather, and in 2014, came out as openly gay when he and partner Karl Kraft announced the birth of their son Jacob (they have since gone on to have a daughter Hannah in 2016). Up until now though, Joseph has given viewers a peek into his home life, his hobbies, his passion for the kitchen, and his activism, but had not offered the backstory of how he and Karl came together and created their own life, up until now. Adam & Karl recently sat down together to chat with 6ABC’s Visions, discussing their meeting and how their relationship evolved into a modern day family. 


During the conversation, both Adam & Karl spoke openly about how they met (and the surprising person that actually set them up) as well as the trepidation that Joseph felt about “not wanting to be the gay meteorologist, but the great meteorologist”. Karl spoke about showing Adam the benefits of acceptance of your truest self, and they both spoke about coming out to their respective employers. They also spoke about the complicated process of having children when not being out of the closet (The day after their son Jacob was born, Action News and Adam announced that he and Karl had a child, reaching millions of viewers). The interview can be seen in its entirety here 

As many families have done the past year and a half, Adam & Karl have been juggling work responsibilities, schooling children at home, while staying healthy and safe during the past fifteen months. Unfortunately, both Jacob & Hannah were stricken with COVID after being exposed to an unvaccinated family member who had previously tested negative for COVID. While the children are on the road to recovery, Adam took to social media to encourage people to wear masks if they’re not vaccinated, stay away from children if you are unvaccinated (as children under twelve are not able to be vaccinated yet) and most of all, expressed the importance of vaccinations in general. 



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