Pietro Boselli Speedoed All Over The Southern California Shore.

As the time to return to school approaches, more amd more people are trying to squeeze in that last vacation.  Italian God, Model, Teacher, Pietro Boselli escaped Europe and deposited happiness all over the southern California coast as he vacationed in the greater Los Angeles area. 

We want to thank him for Instagramming all of his activities.  Is this the most ripped he has ever looked?


Yeah, we checked. There's no room for the wallet. (Venice Beach)


What a view!


It's good to have friends to go on vacation with you.  Call us next time!



Run right in. They say that's the way to do it.


Zuma Beach was happy you visited.


We hate when salty things get in our eye, too!


Good Morning L.A. indeed!



Sorry we missed you in West Hollywood!



A little beach action In Santa Monica, California.  But Pietro, Brazil is on the southern continent and the other shoreline. Thanks for the video.






When you get over to Florida, please let me know.

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