Progressive (and VERY HOT) Congressional Candidate Is Very Honest In New Ad!

Benjamin Thomas Wolf, a U.S. Congressional candidate who identifies as progressive and is running for Congress in Illinois' 5th District, which includes Chicago, definitely got people talking this week when he shared a campaign ad that shows him smoking a joint.



The ad, which shows Benjamin (who is quite hot, we must add) sitting in a chair in front of an American Flag, has him smoking a joint while looking directly into the camera.  The tweet that accompanies this simply says "Legalize cannabis. Vote March 20th," with a ton of cannabis related hashtags.

The tweet, which went out early Tuesday, lit up Twitter with close to 10,000 likes and definitely got people talking.  One user said to him "I fucking love you man. thank you for protecting our trees" to which he replied "You are welcome. Our trees need protecting. I love all of you too. Lets do this together. Its our time. – Wolf".  That same user came back with "I’m in an elevator with you. Sorry for the awkwardness but what even are you?" 

Benjamin, for those who don't know, is a former FBI employee who holds a Ph.D. in international psychology.  He will be challenging incumbent Rep. Mike Quigley (D) on March 20th. He is a "Cannabis Candidate" on his official website and is urging voters to support his legalization efforts in the March 20th election.

“As a cannabis user, I think it’s important we get out front and talk about it,” he told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Does his campaign ad get the point across in an effective manner though?  What are your thoughts?

What do you think?