Riverdale’s First Man-On-Man Scene Is Finally Here.

We have our very first gay scene from the Archie Comics-inspired television series. It took until the fourth episode for the CW to give us some man-on-man kissing … and we want more!


In the scene, Joaquin (Rob Raco) presses Kevin Keller (Casey Cott) against a chain link fence, and the two gay Riverdale characters make out in between some heavy panting. The scene is pretty short and it maybe kinda looks like two straight actors being made to kiss by horny CW execs, but I am in. to. it. Wait, could I be into it BECAUSE it’s two straight actors who are being told to kiss even though they might be uncomfortable with it? Is that actually super fucked up? Welcome to Riverdale!! – gay.fleshbot.com

Thanks to the sassy men over at Gay Fleshbot, we can see the video.  Head over there to watch the lip-locking clip and see how else they reported on the face sucking CW scene.

Yes, I would happy to see more.  Maybe we will get to see if Joaquin has more tattoos.  The CW has been raunchier with the hetero stuff, so let’s see where they go with the same-sex pairings.

And to know a little more about the prim and proper Kevin Keller and if he is really prim and proper, Casey Scott spills the deets about his character.


h/t:  gay.fleshbot.com

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