Riyadh And Family Share His Coming Out Story.


Our favorite Irish Aquarius YouTuber and his family gets us in the feels.

We all know how we felt about our coming out, but how many of us have sat down and reflected on it with our parents.  I think it has come up in passing a little bit.  My coming out was a little like Riyadh's since mom was told first and dad later, but that is where the similarities end, besides them being so very supportive of me. 

I'm warning you, the water works will flow.  This is NSFW since you will be tearing up.





Thank you Riyadh for sharing this with us.  It was very powerful.  And give a hug and a kiss to both mom and dad.

Now I want to have a conversation with my dad to see if he was okay. Calling right now.


For more from Riyadh K, go to his youtube page here.

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