Riyadh Goes To VidCon, Malibu Beach, And Skinny Dipping. Sounds Like A Full Weekend.

One of our favorite YouTubers Riyadh gets to spend time in California.  The occasion was for Vid Con = Online video has become a massive cultural force, launching careers and communities and creations of all sort. VidCon exists as the largest gathering of people who love and are a part of this new culture.

So, yes, he's one of our favorites, but apparently he has a lot of other fans, too.  Not enough to get him access to the VIP party, which in his video, he uses his drone to crash.  How did he get that drone over here from Ireland?  I thought those were illegal on planes?

Anyway, we thank him for bringing that drone because it does supply us with video from his Malibu beach journey.  What does he do while at the world famous beach?  He decides to go skinny dipping in the Pacific, of course. "I swear I could feel fishies around my bits" he said.  For that bit of the video, jump to about 7:30. 




We're happy you had a great time in California.  We think you're a hoot, Riyadh.  Keep posting those videos and we'll keep watching for your next adventure, pants on or off.


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