Twitter’s FLOODED With Ross Lynch Thirst Traps

Image via TikTok @allielbrown & @Instagram @ross_lynch

Y’all, I am flabbergasted. I am floored. I am fully in love with Ross Lynch right now. And it looks like I’ve got plenty of company, because the actor and singer is trending. And when you see the pictures and videos down below, you’ll understand why.

Musician and former Chilling Adventures of Sabrina star Ross Lynch is currently on tour with his brother Rocky. Under the band name The Driver Era, the two are touring around the United States before flying to Japan and Australia in September. And it seems like Ross Lynch is rocking OUR pants off at these shows.

A few days ago, TikTok user @allielbrown posted a video of a shirtless Ross Lynch singing and dancing on stage. The video is… words cannot describe it.


ross lynch, everybody. 🫶🏼 (still can’t believe I TOOK this video, thanks for an amazing night, TDE) #rosslynch #thedriverera #concert #foryou

♬ original sound – allie

OF COURSE! The video found its way to Twitter and queer Twitter user @FLOMlLLI then posted a screenshot of the video. It did really well. So far, the post has over 111K likes, 6K retweets, and over 500 comments.

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From there, the Ross Lynch thirst has been FLOODING Twitter. Internet users can’t help obsessing over the former Disney Channel star. And honestly, just taking a quick look at it got me all hot and bothered too!

It looks like Mr. Austin Moon has become a rock star in his own right. Only this star rocks out shirtless on a regular basis? Let me buy a ticket!

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