The (Alleged) Reason Why RuPaul Deleted All His Photos On Instagram

Credit: Ross Mathews Instagram

RuPaul brought out the sleuth in his millions of followers after the Emmy winner deleted all, and we mean ALL, of his posts on Instagram last month. That remains true to this morning, August 11. 

It left many wondering why he would do such a thing given his wildly popular account that boasts over 4 million followers. What did it mean? Was he done with entertainment? They wanted answers and now we may have them.


“The truth is things like Black Lives Matter is overwhelming for someone like Ru. He gets backlash for appearing to not … support the community and [he receives] a lot of negativity, so he disengages,” a Page Six source revealed on Monday, August 10.

Another insider claimed that he was lying low but it had nothing to do with BLM. He’s been getting constantly criticized for the lack of diversity on the long-running show, especially lately, although Ru has defended himself in this matter. “First of all, the host of our show is black, gay, and a drag queen … we’re pretty diverse. Yes, there are lots of different types of people here.”

Then there’s the ever present rumor about him allegedly not caring about the contestants that helped turn this series into a phenomenon. “He should be called ‘Rude Paul.’ She hates drag queens and is extremely rude to them. You’re not allowed to talk to him unless told to. You can’t call him, ‘Hey gurl.’ No one can call him, ‘Mama Ru.’ None of that. He is not your friend. You cannot make small talk,” the first source said.


Yvie Oddly and Willam have both spoken about how the queens are allegedly allowed to interact with him in the past. “Maybe I’m just biased because our host never made eye contact unless she smelled an Emmy moment,” the season 11 winner tweeted in July. She was just brought back as a lip sync assassin on All Stars 5.

We will more than likely here from Ru later on this year as his show is once again up for a bunch of Primetime Emmy Awards. The annual ceremony will take place virtually (due to COVID-19) on September 20. RPDR has scored Outstanding Reality Competition Series the past two years. 

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