San Francisco – Does It Still Have Its Slutty Side?


I'm not one for public sex, but I know it is a big part of what makes some of our Rainbow bretheren very happy.  After attending Southern Decadence in New Orleans a couple of times, visiting the back patio at Ramrod in Fort Lauderdale, and being heavily propositioned at the old Eagle in DC, I think I've seen and heard it all, enough to make a Falcon Studios porn look like Sesame Street.   Some may call my dislike for having someone lean on you while being serviced, well, judgy.  I just think that I know what I like and know what kind of environment I want to be in as I sip on my Shirley Temple through a bendy straw.

One of my best friends moved to San Francisco last year and I've been bombarded with vids and pics of naked bear twister, hunky furry go-go boys out in the street, and some many other activities that will remain unmentioned.  Sure, the build up is a little titillating, but I'm too shy to be a participant and when the real action starts.  I actually lose interest. I guess I am a man that likes the foreplay.

For those of us that like the follow thru as well, Mike Miksche from has prepared a list of "Seven Slutty Places in San Francisco."  Will you look these places up when you visit?

San Francisco has the most sophisticated sex scene I’ve experienced in North America, with many throw backs to the classic “South of Market” (SoMa) scene in the ’70s. It truly is a kinky city through and through. 

1.  SF Eagle          398 12th St

Grungy and sleazy with an undeniable SoMa vibe. They have a great patio, too. You can never ever go wrong with an Eagle!

2.  Folsom Gulch             947 Folsom St

You’ll find lots of cocks and mouths through glory holes at this classic gay arcade. There’s a surplus of men even at noon on a Monday, many of which are nervous and hopefully married. Super hot, if that’s you’re thing. It wasn’t cruising like I expected.

3.  Folsom Street Fair     Folsom St, from Eighth to 13th

It really is the world’s biggest leather event: a sleazy celebration of human sexuality for blocks and blocks in SoMa. You’ll see some fetishes you didn’t know existed. I was awestruck, having never experienced sexual expression on such a large scale.


4.  Blow Buddies       933 Harrison St

Name says it all: there are glory holes and you’ll make some buddies to blow. It’s also BYOB! “Should I get naked?” I asked the guy at coat check, arriving just after 8:30pm on a Monday.


5.  442 Natoma       442 Natoma St

It you’re looking for raw action then this is your place. And it hosts CumUnion, even on Christmas Eve. “San Francisco’s hottest, friendliest, filthiest, fuck club.” Believe it!

6.  Nob Hill Theatre        729 Bush St

It’s a gay arcade meets male strip club. They sometimes even have circle jerks with featured porn stars. The staff is pretty friendly, too.

7.  Powerhouse        1347 Folsom St

It’s a classic SoMa leather/denim cruise bar. It smells of men — lots of masculine men.


I ran these places by my friend and he said that San Francisco has been changing ever since he moved there, getting a little cleaner, a little more straight even.  Of course, he then reminded me of the almost- nude twister.  I thought I would share with you, too. 


See, you don't need to find any place in San Francisco to be slutty.  It can happen right on the streets.

And as for the Bear cub go-go boy street dancer?  I think my friend was caught videotaping.





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