Schoolboys Drop The Trousers For Cooler Skirts.

Kids either don't listen at all or they listen too well.  When a head teacher needed to deal with male students complaining that they are are not allowed to wear shorts ito class, she told the boys that they could wear a skirt if they liked. She probably was being sarcastic, but kids hear well when they want to. Children tend to take you literally and so five boys turned up in skirts and because the teacher told them it was ok there was nothing she could do. As long as they were school skirts and an appropriate length, everything was fine. One of boys was sent home because his skirt was too short and another received a comment from an administrator that his legs were too hairy to be wearing a skirt. Not wanting to be punished for hairy legs, some of the older boys bought pink razors and shaved their legs on the way into school for day two of the skirt wearing exercise.

Teenage boys at Devon School, the ISCA Academy in Exeter, England are getting the attention, but they are not being the ones seen in the wrong.  In the hot weather, concessions need to be made.  Older boys at the school are required to wear blazers.

During the protest a number of the boys said they might continue wearing skirts because they were much more comfortable to wear.

Is wearing a skirt just wearing a skirt? or will these be future allies for our LGBT community?  Maybe even members? 
Stay cool boys.
Here's a cute little video from Devon Live


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