Sephora Announces Beauty Classes For Trans People!

Sephora Announces Beauty Classes For Trans People!

No One Has To Get Clocked Anymore!

#SCORE! Sephora is one of the most popular, corporate beauty chains in recent times. As a devote lover of makeup, I will be frequently seen in Sephora as they carry brand name products for slightly less than major department stores like Bloomingdales. Within the store, you can get nearly anything you’re looking for and even have your makeup done by one of the artists who serve as sales associates. Sephora, unlike their competitors, actually have a pretty solid team of individuals who have mastered the art form of face transformation. Basically, they won’t have a recent high school graduate giving you contour she saw in a YouTube tutorial. Now, Sephora is honoring their transgender clientele in a special way.

According to Them, Sephora already hosted their first transgender and nonbinary makeup class hosted by their transgender associates in New York city. The rest of the classes will launch in June 2018. The perfect idea was thought of by transgender employee, Corrie Conrad. Conrad tells:

“[The class] has been two years in the making. It’s one of the initial programs we wanted to design, but we wanted to make sure we did it right. We held focus groups and worked with our employees experiencing their own gender journeys to help determine class content, sensitivity training procedures, and to help figure out which stores would make the most sense. The trans and nonbinary community is a beloved part of our community and we want to be allies. That’s the point of all our programming: Whether you’re entering the workforce or questioning your gender, that’s a major life transition. We want to be there for you.”

If one of the 150 Sephora stores launching the class aren’t near you, they will be uploading the classes onto YouTube so one may practice in private. If you aren’t interested in make up but wish to donate, you can purchase a makeup brush or lipstick which directly goes into funding for the program.

I’m so on board with this!

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