Sexy New Cha Cha Song just in time for Summer and Cinco de Mayo.

No one likes a better Cha Cha song than me.  Hey, it's how I completed my fitness requirements for college.  Yes, they counted ballroom dancing as wellness credits.  So this morning, I was excited to hear a new edition to the list of fun and sexy Cha Cha songs out there.  Ab Soto gives us Cha Cha Bitch, a track from his new self titled record "MR. SOTO."  I was actually impressed with the production quality and the catchiness of this tune that will probably get me a couple speeding tickets in the near future.   Take a look and listen here to Ab Soto's newest release.




I'm a fan.  Let's see if it can get some traction and be a hit of the summer.


What other Cha Cha songs come to mind?  If creating a list, we must mention Miss Eartha Kitt.   Is she the original Cha Cha girl?  Her hit Cha Cha Heels reeks of being overly sultry and the embraces the power and sexuality of dance.  Here is her hit with Bronski Beat.



One of my all time favorite movies is Kinky Boots (no I have not seen the Broadway Musical yet).  I feel they did channel some Eartha Kitt as well as sampled her song in this, one of my favorite scenes of the movie.  If you haven't seen the movie that inspired the hit musical, find it and watch it!



And who could forget Cha Cha Heels by Jeanie Tracy.  One night I did forget, dancing to this while wearing my platform leather boots at Sky Bar in Montreal.  Apparently I was amazing, but no pictures were found to prove it.  The version below was the most visually stimulating I could find and is lised as Rosabel featuring Jeanie Tracy. 



What is it with the Cha Cha?  Does it scream sex, fun, and hot men twisting and turning on the dance floor?  Whatever it is, I like it and I will always have a place in my heart and on the dance floor for a good Cha Cha.  Thanks Ab Soto for a new fun song.  And you're right, dancing the Cha Cha is better than twerking and cabbage patching.

What other Cha Cha songs should be mentioned?


3 thoughts on “Sexy New Cha Cha Song just in time for Summer and Cinco de Mayo.”

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