Shania Twain Meets With LGBTQ Fans At Q&A, Her Answers Moves Many To Tears.


We're huge fans of Shania Twain and are very excited to have her new music making love to our ears very soon.  How many times have we sung her songs at the top of our lung.  We're hoping there will be another Shania anthem in this next batch.

Some lucky fans had the chance to listen to her new releases well before the rest of us.  Not only are we jealous of that, they as well were blessed with meeting the star in person.



Shania stayed around, chatted about her music and answered some questions from the audience as well as from the hosts. 

Here's one question and moving response from Ms. Twain.



Repeat after Shania Twain: “I'm alive. I'm going to be OK. I'm alright.” That’s the simple yet powerful message she wants her LGBTQ fans to tell themselves during their ongoing crusade for equal rights. 

“It's so difficult to face your fears and I think a lot of people in this day and age are hopefully getting more comfortable with who they are and who are they are in their own skin,” Twain, 51, added when Billboard asked her to address her gay fan base during a recent interview at Spotify HQ in New York City this month.

“That’s everything. Just facing your fears, carrying on, moving on and being grateful that you lived through it because we have to look at the others who don’t make it to the other side and be grateful that we have,” she continued. “Gratitude is important.” Watch Twain's message in the video above, courtesy UMG.

What an answer! 

Now, her fifth studio album and her first studio album since 2002’s Up!, arrives on Sept. 29. 

We will be purchasing, Shania!



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