Shooter Lured Teen to Woods with Promise of Oral Sex

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Another day, another homophobic attack.

A Kansas City man is finally charged with attempted murder and a hate crime following his May 2019 attack on a gay youth.


Malachi Robinson, age 26, reportedly became friendly with his victim, whose name is being kept secret due to his age, at the Kansas City Public Library on May 29, 2019. When the two coincidentally met in the bathroom later that day, the victim allegedly offered to give the man oral sex in exchange for $5. 

Despite telling the younger man “I’m not really gay,” Robinson followed him into a wooded area across the street from the library. While following the teen, Robinson reportedly texted his then-girlfriend “I might shoot this boy if he tries some gay shit.” The teen eventually chickened out during the encounter, but his fate was sealed. 

Robinson brandished a 9-mm handgun and shot the teenager 8 times including in the butt, chest, right arm and right hand. Luckily, the victim survived the attack; although he spent two weeks in the hospital and will need extensive outpatient care. 

In the weeks following the attempted murder, Robinson bragged to friends and family about how he almost killed a gay kid. Then, he added more fuel to his future-prosecutor’s case by Googling phrases like “How do you know if the police are looking for you,” “How to get away with murder in real life,” and “Police investigate shooting in Swope Park.”  


Eventually, Malachi Robinson was apprehended thanks two maintenance workers who were able to identify him at the scene of the crime. They had heard the gunshots, ran to help and saw Robinson running away while holding the weapon. Robinson has been held in prison since December 2019.

He is expected to face trial soon for attempted murder and violating the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act.

Be careful out there, men. Sometimes there are wolves hiding in sheep’s clothing!

Source: New York Daily News, Huffington Post 

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  1. These stories of gays being murdered make me extremely sad but they are necessary to report on to bring attention to the hate we face.


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