Should Using The Term Fag Hag Warrant A Warning on Youtube?

Is Fag Hag offensive?

One redditor asked the good people of the internet if the age old term was considered offensive by gay men and their female pals after Youtube almost shut him down.

The person behind the reddit account Sharlilla asked the “Gay” subreddit if the term “fag hag” was an offensive one.

He asked this because his video, a parody of Israel’s Eurovision submission “Toy” by Netta Barzilai, got a warning from Youtube.

With Youtube being especially harsh on LGBTQ videos like last year’s censorship debacle or the one done to South African artist Nakhane last month, its no surprise that Youtube would do it for this character.

But, like Sharlilla, we wonder if Youtube was in the right or not.

Is the term Fag Hag offensive? We’ve seen a number of gay slurs become affirmations in today’s LGBTQ culture with several people using terms like “faggot,” “queer,” and “dyke” as self-identifying symbols. The idea is to use these words that once struck us down and turn them on their heads.

That said, its often the lucky ones who never had these words used against them that decide to identify with the terms. Does identifying as queer or as a fag hag disrespect those who dealt with the ugly side of said words?

These are questions that may never be solved easily but need to be addressed by each individual person. In addition, we need to talk with each other about our own thoughts and perspectives on the words while trying to understand the other’s opinions on it.

So, what do you think? Do you think “Fag Hag” is offensive? Do you think we should be using these words and phrases like it, or should we keep them in the past and on the lips of bigots?

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