Should We Just Crown Symone The Winner of Season 13 Already?

Credit: RuPaul’s Drag Race YouTube Channel

SPOILER ALERT! Do not read on if you haven’t seen the latest RuPaul’s Drag Race episode. Instead, check out this fantastic interview we just did with adult film star Sharok


The RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13 train finally left the station this week. We saw the entire group merge as one for the first time after being split up over the past three episodes.

Chicago stunner Kahmora Hall became the first queen to get the heave ho (read the full recap here) due to her lackluster performance in an over the top acting challenge.

Symone, meanwhile, continued her domination this season by scoring yet another win for herself. Can she be stopped? To my recollection there hasn’t been a queen in this show’s herstory that has performed this well this soon by claiming victory in every episode they’ve been in.

For now the Los Angeles stunner remains at the top of the Drag Race power rankings. Check out where everyone else falls below. 


1: Symone (Last ranking: #1). See above. There isn’t a cloud in sight at the moment as her sky remains clear and blue. 

2: Rosé (Last ranking: #6). Rosé has had two strong weeks thanks to her fashion, performing and acting abilities. She’s become the best from the losing group and a force to be reckoned with early in the competition.


3: Kandy Muse (Last ranking: #10). OK. I’ve tossed in that judgmental towel with Kandy. She got on my freaking nerves in the first couple episodes but my feelings changed after seeing how well she did in the acting challenge. And, contrary to what Michelle Visage said, I actually liked her runway outfit regardless of the undergarments showing. 

4: Tamisha Iman (Last ranking: #9). I was kind of annoyed that Tamisha only placed safe as her Cher impersonation was not only spot on but hilarious. And we keep learning more about her biography-esque personal life which I can’t get enough of. 


5: Gottmik (Last ranking: #2). She delivered on the runway but her performance in the acting challenge only had one real LOL moment (quoting Coco Montrese’ legendary “I’m not joking b**ch!”). Then again the material she was given wasn’t that funny to begin with.

6: Olivia Lux (Last ranking: #5). Olivia was hilarious in her grandmother-type role during the worst of the three RuPaulmark clips. In doing so she continues to steal the spotlight from some of the bigger personalities while remaining cool, calm and collected throughout. 


7: Tina Burner (Last ranking: #8). Someone as iconic as Tina is outside of this show should not be in the safe group two weeks in a row. Just saying. 

8: Denali (Last ranking: #3). Poor Denali. It’s been a roller coaster ride for her on Drag Race with her in the bottom then top then at the bottom again. You can see the drive in her which makes me think she can only go up from here especially with next week being a fashion challenge (an area she’s excelled in so far this season).

9: Utica (Last ranking: #7). She performed better in front of Ru in the werk room than she did in the acting challenge. I’m still waiting on her moment to shine as TBH it hasn’t happened yet.


10: Elliott With Two T’s (Last ranking: #9). All she’s really done is stir the pot. Besides that Elliott hasn’t really been recognized for anything challenge related thus far.

11: LaLa Ri (Last ranking: #11). LaLa has killed it  on the runway but that’s it. There’s a personality there, we’ve seen it, but it needs to come out in ways that don’t just include her confessional chats.

12: Joey Jay (Last ranking: #12). I’m starting to get a whole “fading into the background” kind of edit that past queens like Kandy Ho and Blair St. Clair got in their original seasons. Could be wrong, but I feel like she’s next to go as nothing has really stood out just yet compared to her competitors. 

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