Singaporean Man Says Rainbow Cakes Are Spreading Gay Agenda

There’s always someone mad about something.

What’s the latest report of someone ranting about something on the internet? Hard to tell since there’s so many, but one that was just reported by GayStarNews is a man in Singapore.

This man, by the name of Peng Jia Rong, was not happy when he noticed a bunch of decorative and layered cakes being sold in his area.

So unhappy, that he had to take his thoughts to the internet (as is the norm at this point). And, of course, that post is now starting to go viral.

Rong’s specific thoughts on the cakes is that they are secretly pushing the gay agenda on the people.

In his post on the “We Are Against Pink Dot Singapore” Facebook page he says,

“These are gay cakes. Nothing wrong with a gay cake, sure, but please call a spade a spade. Stop covering up gay agenda.”

The reasoning behind Rong’s words is that that cakes are called Rainbow cakes, but only have six colors.

This coloring scheme then inherently makes them the rainbow used by the LGBTQ community and thus are hidden propaganda.


Homosexuality is still illegal in Singapore since it has not changed the ruling from back with it was a British colony.

In addition, the culture around queer life is like with most of Asian. Most know it exists and many accept/acknowledge it, but many other still consider it foreign. And when things are considered foreign or different, people easily misunderstand or hate them.

That said, there are still great organizations out there that are trying to actually support LGBTQ life in Singapore.

Organizations like Pink Dot Singapore, which inspired the Anti-Pink Dot Facebook page where Rong posted his comment, work to openly support LGBTQ life in the country.

Maybe people like Peng Jia Rong should stay focused on the groups doing the heavy lifting for the LGBTQ community like Pink Dot Singapore, instead of ranting about cakes.

Or, maybe Rong's people staying distracted is what’s best for the real heavy hitters.

h/t: GayStarNews

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