“Somebody in that Jail didn’t Follow Protocol”

Here is KTRK's local coverage of the Jacobs' fight for justice.



The parents of Jacobs, who died in March, want an investigation into what happened in the jail, however the sheriff — on the advice of the Galveston County Attorney–  is refusing to turn over video fearing a lawsuit. – rawstory.com

With police departments across the nation having to dealing with instant evidence via citizen / phone videos, there is no hiding from the truth.  Galveston County Police have chosen to withhold any video or written evidence they have in the hopes they will avoid a lawsuit.  Kind of makes you wonder if body cams are implemented nationwide, how long will it take for any of that evidence to be released? 

Jesse Jacobs passed in March, almost five months ago.  When will this family get the answers they need?  How long will Galveston feel they can just sit on evidence that supposedly shows no wrongdoing?

And why was there a change in his treatment?  Was there any inappropriate handling of this young 32 year old gay man while in custody. 

Maybe the court case should happen and a subpoena duces tecum should be administered for the tapes and records.  Answers are needed.

During their 8-year relationship, which ended in July 2014, [Greg] Cassity said Jacobs maintained a strict regime with his medication and didn't experience seizures.

"He was on a routine with his medications. He knew exactly what he needed to take," Cassity told Project Q Houston. "For all of it to happen so fast is devastating."

"He was a really sweet caring guy that got into some troubles along the way. He was always someone that took responsibility for it," Cassity sad.

But four months after his death, Cassity agreed with calls from Jacobs' family that it's time […] to release more details about what happened to Jacobs and the medical treatment he received at the jail.

"That was March and here we are in August and it's been swept under the rug. It has gone on long enough. The answers need to be provided," Cassity said. – projectq.us


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  1. Xanax is not used to prevent

    Xanax is not used to prevent epileptic seizures. I've combed through the guidelines of 5 different countries, and it is not mentioned in any of them. I also searched several academic and medical databases and was not able to find even a single instance of it being given to prevent seizures. It's simply not been proven safe and effective, and is *not* given- unlike about 20 other medications that are given for epileptic seizures, any one of which he would have been on if he actually had epilepsy. He was taking the Xanax because of a benzo dependence. 

    That said, there are very strict protocols for discontinuing a benzo (*especially* Xanax, which is the one most likely to induce seizures). If he was stopped cold turkey or the protocol wasn't followed, the jail is responsible for his death. However, re-reading the article, I don't find any mention of that (except in the title)- just the family insisting he had epilepsy and needed Xanax for it. 


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