Straight Man Sues Equinox Gym After Other Customers Masturbated In Front of Him

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A straight, single dad got a shocking surprise when he visited a New York City gym for a lunchtime steam room visit.

The man, who’s being referred to as GB in court papers, is now suing the Equinox gym on Broadway in Gramercy Park. Why? Because, he saw three men masturbating in the steam room, while they stared back at him.

“I’m relaxing, I’m sitting in the corner, it’s very meditative,” he said about the first moments of the experience before things got too hot for him to handle

“The steam clears . . . And I look across from me. This gentleman, sitting pretty close, his towel is open, his legs are spread and he’s looking right at me, and the guy next to him was rubbing [the man’s] inner thigh,” the man told The New York Post.

“He’s looking right at me, his towel’s off and he’s masturbating,” the man added.

As soon as the man realized that a third guy was looking at him as he masturbated, he knew he needed to get out of there.


Once freaked out, the man went to the front desk to complain, but he says nobody did anything and the other three men went away unpunished.

Equinox “had known for as much as 10 years prior that similar wrongful acts were occurring in its steam showers,” he says in the Manhattan Supreme Court filing against the company.

“It is a problem, and it’s something that every gym in New York City, not just Equinox, has an issue with,” the manager of this specific Equinox shared in a recording found by The Post.

The gym is adamant that they did their jobs in investigating the situation and that they have a zero-tolerance policy towards this type of behavior. That said, the man says the three men walked away with their gym memberships still in-tact.

While the incident happened in November, the court case is ongoing.

h/t: The New York Post

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