Streep Calls Mariah A Bitch, Franco Stiff Arms Wiseau, Streisand More Important Than Gayle?


There were some awkward moments Sunday night at the Golden Globes.  It was fun to watch the comments fly back and forth on bookface about … who said what, who didn't say what, why was Amy Poehler being such a bitch, and who was sitting where.

One of my comments was:

I felt bad for Gayle.  Is she lesser than Barbra wen it comes to Oprah?

I think this seating change may be explained in Meryl Streep's account as to why she called Mariah Carey a bitch for taking her seat.  Here's the clip from Jimmy Kimmel.  The Mariah comments start at about 1:33 if you wish to jump.

It's all in good fun and nice to see women can still call others bitch and have a laugh.

Another one of my comments was when James Franco made me a little uncomfortable while accepting his award on the stage.

I mean James Franco usually makes me uncomfortable anyway.  There's something a little not true north with that man.  Here's the scene.

I am sure Franco wanted his time to thank everyone he needed to, but why flag down the man if you're just going to push him aside.  Especially a man that you took his life and made a movie about it. A life where he really didn't get a great deal of positive recognition.  Maybe I'm off on my feeling sorry for Tommy. 

Franco did make up for it by having Tommy Wiseau next to him on Jimmy Kimmel.  They both may be a little off, making them a great pair.

Calling a fellow star a bitch, losing prime real estate in a game of musical drunk chairs, shoving the person that made your award possible off to the side. Sounds like a great night at the Golden Globes.

What do you think?