Swedish Pride Parade planned to go through predominantly Muslim neighborhoods.

I recently did a blog entry about the Chicago Pride Parade and how it may be moved out of the gayborhood.  Like they are every year, options for different parade routes are being discussed, start here, end there, this neighborhood would be easier for crowd control, this one would not.  I do not think anyone in his / her right mind would have the main route of the parade revolving around the fact that it would be marching through a predominant Muslim neighborhood. 

Swedish “Far-Right” Plans Gay Pride Parade Through Muslim Areas.

On July 29, a gay pride parade is scheduled in Sweden.  But, you see, this is no ordinary gay pride parade.  This gay pride parade was created by Jan Sjunnesson, former editor-in-chief for the Samtiden newspaper in Sweden, which is owned by the nationalist Sweden Democrats party (… think of the Sweden Democrats as being kind of like the Conservatives … which means that they’re considered “extreme far-right” in Sweden). The parade is scheduled to go through Tensta and Husby – two areas where Muslim immigrants are more than 75% of the population.

On the event’s Facebook page, the organizers state that there will be public “kissing” and “singing”.  – breakingnewsblast.com

My Swedish is a little rusty so here is what Google Translate gave me. I think "upholstery" isn't right, but …

What's next?  Do we plan to break into a Catholic church and start kissing on the altar?  I thought one aspect of pride is to show love and understanding and acceptance.  I do not believe it is a time to create turmoil.

It reminds me of a story that one of my older friends coworkers told me once.  Holding back the chuckles, she mentioned an occurrence when some people she knew threw a pigs head into an mosque during worship.  We never got along.  Is this parade basically the same action?  We're here, we're queer, denounce your religious beliefs and accept us?

To place an LGBT parade to the suburbs dominated by immigrants from the Middle East, however, is an expression of pure racism, according to critics.  Noah North and Emelie Mårtensson, who themselves live in the Järva area, has decided to organize a counter-demonstration against the “Järva Pride”. They argue that the parade “pits two oppressed groups against each other.”  Many leftists are also calling for the parade to be legally banned, and for the people who organized it to be arrested for “hate speech” against Muslims. – blazingcatfur.ca

Why would someone desire to do this?  There is the idea of bringing the fight to others, but is there really a fight to be had?  Is it fair to use a celebration to start a confrontation?

Gay pride parades in Europe generally don’t go anywhere near Muslim areas, for obvious reasons.  In Nørrebro, Copenhagen (where only 30% of the population are Muslim, as opposed to the 70% in the Swedish areas), gay pride parades learned the hard way not to tread within Islamic strongholds. Formerly, there was a large gay pride parade that went through Nørrebrogade (the main high street of the area). Gays would take stones to the head every year from Muslims, so they re-routed. If gays are attacked in an area that’s only 30% Muslim, just imagine what will happen in an area that’s 70% Muslim. There is a 100% chance that the gays marching through Tensta and Husby will be attacked, maybe even fatally – and, when they’re attacked, feminists and gay rights activists will be siding with the Muslims who are attacking them. – blazingcatfur.ca

It seems like this year, we've covered a lot of pride parades fighting to exist ( Turkish Pride canceled … / South Korean Pride Parade receives court ruling … ).  We will always support positive movements for our community no matter where they may happen in our great big world. 

Could some positive come out of this planned Pride Parade?  Is this something we should support?


What do you think?