Taiwanese Company Features Lesbian Parents In New Soy Sauce Ad

A new commercial for a Taiwanese ad depicted a family run by a same-sex couple.

Despite the country of Taiwan currently being split over marriage equality, several many companies are backing same-sex couples.

One of the latest companies to do so is Kimlan Foods, which recently released a commerical for soy sauce.

In the advertisement, a narrator recites the lines, “Different families have different flavors,’ the narration says. Some are richer. Some are lighter. And some… are a little be more special.”

The video itself shows a woman picking up her daughter from school. The two then prepare a meal using Kimlan’s soy sauce. A few moments later, another woman appears at the door just before the “special line.” The implication is that this is a same-sex couple and they are both the child’s parents.

As gay rights start to gain more traction in Asia, Asian companies have started using gay storylines in their advertisements.

For instance, a Thai Lip Balm company rode the rising BL drama trend by featuring a gay romance storyline in it’s advertisement from last year.

In addition, a Filipino fragrance line featured a gay teen as it’s protagonist for a commercial with a tear-jerking twist.

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