Teens Convicted In UK Homophobic Hate Crime

London couple, Phil Poole and Zbynek Zatloukal, were attacked on a train after coming home from a Valentine's Day dinner by three teenagers. Two of the teenagers were 16 and one was 17.

After seeing Poole and Zatloukal leaning against each other they decided to attack them. They punched and kicked both victims along with smashing a glass bottle over one of the victim's heads. 

The incident was incited because of of Poole's and Zatloukal's sexuality, which lead to the case being treated as a homophobic hate crime.

The teenagers all plead guilty to violent disorder and received a six-month sentence instead of four months due to it being a hate crime. They will also have to give compensation pay of $135 to each victim. 

While seeing the violent crimes committed against LGBT individuals and couples is never easy, it is great to see when the perpetrators are brought to justice. 

What do you think Instincters, was justice served?

H/T: Gay Star News

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