Texan Ajay Holbrook Hoping To Be First Transgender Male To Win Mr Universe Contest.

Ajay Holbrook, from Texas in the US, started identifying as male from the age of 16.  At 18, he started exercising as a form of self-defense after being physically abused by a close relative. Because he never wanted to feel defenseless, Ajay worked to build mass and the ability to protect hiself.  His work paid off in body form and bulk as he went from weighing 112 lbs to 159 lbs. 

With that goal out of the way, now Ajay is turning his work out success toward competing in the Mr. Olympia Contest, the international bodybuilding competition that Arnold Schwarzenegger won numerous times.  Could he win it and be the first transgender male champion?

That's a hefty goal, but Ajay says he would be great just to place.



When he was known as Ambreia Jane, he says felt totally trapped in his body as a female and was desperate for a change.  As many transgenders do, he hated how he looked and could not stand to look at himself in the mirror and felt suicidal. The decision had to be made to have happiness as top priority.

The muscular young man, who’s an automotive technician, says now he can finally look at himself in the mirror again and is happier and more confident than before.

He now bench-presses 300 lbs and squats using 313 lbs.  Looks like he is more than able to take care of any problems that may arise. But there are some family members that still do not understand and accept Ajay.

“A lot of my family doesn’t understand what it means to be transgender, therefore don’t accept me, and I just keep my distance from them,” he said.


Although it took his mom and grandmother a while to understand what he was going through, they’ve slowly opened their minds and accepted his transition.


“Over the years they’ve seen me blossom and are starting to understand just how important my transition is to my success, and I’m forever grateful that they were able to open their minds enough to see that,” says Ajay. – news24.com

In a way to help others Ajay has placed a lot of his transformation online. Over on his YouTube page, Ajay Holbrook  , he shares "3 Years On Testosterone" – In pictures and in voice.



And he shared this video – "How Did I Know I Was Transgender"

This is my story of how I figured out that I was transgender at the age of 13, being able to research and find out what the word "transgender" really meant and how much it has impacted my life up until today.



“I no longer want to die, but only want to live as much as I possibly can,” he says.

We wish you the best of luck Ajay!

For more on Ajay head over to his YouTube page, Ajay Holbrook where he recently promised to do more updates. And more photos can be found on ajayholbrook – Instagram

h/t: news24.com

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