Texas Lawmaker Mocks Anti-Abortion Ways By Channeling Elle Woods – Files Anti-Masturbation Bill

Is this Legally Blonde scene coming to life in Texas? When it comes to masturbation, are men guilty of wrong doing?  One Texas lawmaker is following in Elle Woods' footsteps.



A Texas lawmaker has filed a satirical bill to regulate “masturbatory emissions” as a riposte to a slew of anti-abortion measures advocated by the state’s Republican politicians.

The proposed act takes the language and concepts used by conservatives to limit abortions and swaps the sexes.

It calls for a $100 fine for “emissions outside of a woman’s vagina, or created outside of a health or medical facility”, which “will be considered an act against an unborn child, and failing to preserve the sanctity of life”.

It also requires the creation of a “masturbatory assistance registry” of not-for-profit organisations and hospitals able to provide “fully-abstinent encouragement counseling, supervising physicians for masturbatory emissions, and storage for the semen”. – theguardian.com

Democratic Representative Jessica Farrar from Houston, Texas is calling her new law "The Man’s Right to Know Act,"  in reference to "The Woman’s Right to Know Act" law that forces doctors to use sonogram technology to make audio of an unborn child's heartbeat and educate women looking for an abortion about the fetus.  This "counseling" must take place at least 24 hours before an abortion can occur.

Farrar’s bill requires the creation of a booklet which must be reviewed by doctors with male patients and which “must contain medical information related to the benefits and concerns of a man seeking a vasectomy, Viagra prescription, or a colonoscopy. The booklet must contain artistic illustrations of each procedure.”

It also demands an attending physician “administer a medically-unnecessary digital rectal exam … before administering an elective vasectomy or colonoscopy procedure, or prescribing Viagra”. – theguardian.com

She admits that the law is a farce, satire, but it as well shows how ludicrous Texas laws on abortion are these days. Luckily, U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks blocked the law on Friday, ruling that the guidelines for disposal of fetal remains places undue burdens on access to abortion which substantially outweigh the benefits.


Among the proposals from Texas politicians in the current legislative session are bills to abolish abortion and make it a felony; ban abortions after 20 weeks even if the fetus has a severe abnormality; limit the types of legal abortion procedures and tissue donations; pass another burial rule; and enhance the rights of embryos and fetuses.

“Especially with Trump as president, I think these folks are on fire now. They’re off the chain now,” Farrar told the Texas Tribune. “If they can elect someone based on making racist remarks and derogatory remarks toward women and such, then we’ve just given them license to offend and license to be even worse than before.” – theguardian.com

Do you think Farrar is wasting time and money with this law proposal?

Do you think the law should be pushed through just to make a point?

How much will that cum rag under your bed cost you?

h/t: theguardian.com


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