THE Celebrity Big Brother Cast Revealed!

THE Celebrity Big Brother Cast Revealed!

Former Winner, Morgan Willett, Dishes On The New Houseguests!

Okay, how excited are YOU for the first installment of Celebrity Big Brother USA?! I am STOKED! We recently reported of an alleged cast leak…which…was simply alleged. Whoever made that fake cast list though- BRAVO- because that is like, the ideal fan fiction that one could ever come up with. Who didn't want to see Tiffany "New York" Pollard run a muck in the Big Brother house?! I know I definitely did. However, it looks like the rumors are true and Lance Bass, a known Big Brother fan, is likely reuniting with Justin Timberlake at this year's Superbowl for an N*SYNC reunion. None of the alleged cast is actually on the show. 

According to Entertainment Weekly, the Celeb BB (#CBBUSA) cast is OUT! The cast is a bit- tame, for the lack of a better term, so I had to connect with one of the Big Brother Greats: The only Big Brother: Over The Top winner, Morgan Willett, to get her take on the incoming house guests. I'm serving you the new cast, my opinion, and Morgan's cup of tea. Let's dive in: 

Omarosa Manigault 



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YES! So much yes! Omarosa Manigault was just outted from the White House and is sure to give the drama for the upcoming season of CBBUSA. I mean, if we can't have New York, we may as well have Omarosa, right?! She is probably the only celebrity worth watching at this point- so trust me, as long as Manigault is there, my eyes will be GLUED to the screen. But wait, what does Morgan think of one of reality television's biggest villains being in the BB house?

Morgan Willett: "I will say I'm a little disappointed that Tiffany Pollard and Blac Chyna weren't on the list. They would have been so entertaining and dramatic! I'm curious with this group of houseguests if we'll see the cat fights and gameplay that we're wanting!"

Ross Mathews 



YAY! We have a sis in the house! Media Darling, Ross Mathews, is totally my pick to win this entire thing. He has the LGBTQ community behind him and like, if he can be judging the girls from RuPaul's Drag Race, he definitely will serve his purpose here. Can we all collectively get behind Ross and give him any support that he needs?! 

MW: "I think this cast is super interesting and unexpected! I honestly don't know a lot of the names, [besides] James Maslow and Ross Mathews. [Otherwise], I'm going in with a fresh mindset."

Mark McGrath



Well, if you can't get a former Boy Bander from one of the all time favorites, I guess you call in former Sugar Ray frontman, Mark McGrath. I mean, I guess we had to have some Dad-Bod eye candy in the house, right?!

Shannon Elizabeth



I LOVE Shannon Elizabeth!! You may remember her from the American Pie films, but I recall her from some of my favorite horror movies, including the remake to Night of the Demons and Scary Movie. Elizabeth has done reality television before and hasn't been too successful, but I feel like this could definitely be her gig! Will she win? Probably not. But, I expect to see her go super far or lose like, right away.

MW: "As a former Big Brother winner, I think America will love Shannon Elizabeth. She seems like the All American Girl Next Door type- someone who will speak her mind."

Brandi Glanville



Former Real Housewife, Brandi Glanville, is about to be one to follow in this game. Will she win, absolutely not! But, she's going to give us a show- for sure.

MW: "I want to see some drama. I think most of it will circle around Omarosa and Brandi!"


Chuck Liddell



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I have literally no idea who Chuck Liddell is. Do you? He's a martial artist, apparently. 

MW: "I think Chuck Liddell is going to be a big teddy bear, but he's going to be a target early on for being a tough competitor!

Other houseguests include:

Metta World Peace; Basketball Star

James Maslow; Big Time Rush Star

Keshia Knight Pulliam; A Former Cosby kid

Marissa Janet Winokur; A Broadway Star

Ariadna Gutierrez; The Other Miss Universe 2015

The first ever Celebrity Big Brother premieres on February 7th only on CBS! Who are you rooting for?!

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