The Donald Trump of Bulgaria Wants To Out Closeted Politicians

Uh oh, Bulgaria's Donald Trumps has some things to say about closeted politicians.

Veselin Mareshki was elected into Bulgarian parliament back in March and has gone around referring to himself as the “Donald Trump of Bulgaria.”

He does this because he was a corporate executive who eventually transitioned into being a politician, and he shares similar views to politics as Trump.

And Mareshki has earned that title in his latest stunt.

He’s been asking for other members of parliament to reveal their sexual orientation.

“I do not understand why homosexuals in power hide. Maybe they consider this something shameful,” he said.

At first, this statement could seem like a nice but misguided attempt at wishing for more LGBTQ representation in positions of power.

The idea is nice, but no one should decide if someone else should come out of the closet or not.

That said, Mareshki’s next words show that he doesn’t have the true care and consideration for these LGBTQ officials in his mind and heart. Instead, his just coming from a more condescending and ignorant area.

Mareshki’s other words were to say that the gay MP’s could eventually cause a “conflict of interest” within the government.

This could be because by being secretly gay they would have to keep that secret and could be open targets for blackmail. Specifically, he said that they could be, “dependent on people who have secret recordings of their activities.”

He even went so far to say that these acts of blackmail could lead to an eventual war between Bulgaria and Russia, and the only way to stop that from happening is to force these officials out of the closet.

Sure Mareshki. Sure.

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