‘The Little Mermaid’ LIVE – Did It Sink Or Swim At The Hollywood Bowl?

If you're as old as I am, all of Disney's 'The Little Mermaid' songs are burnt into your brain, skull, memory, and blood stream.  I hate it when some gay man comes up and thinks he knows more words than I or how to sing it better than I.  Sit down.  We're all good at every part in that movie.  So I am sure it was hard for Hollywood Bowl goers this weekend to not sing along with Ursula, Ariel, Sebastian, and even Chef Louis.

As the animated Disney classic played on the big screen accompanied by a 71-piece orchestra, several major celebrities gave their voices to some of our favorite Disney characters.  Here are some of the videos I found of this weekend's performance.

Rebel Wilson As Ursula




John Stamos as Chef Louis



Tituss Burgess as Sebastian



Sara Bareilles as Ariel



Tituss Burgess again






Also present was Darren Criss as Prince Eric

Singing a song I do not know, Her Voice

and Norm Lewis as King Triton

Would you have been able to contain yourself?

Would you have burst out in song?

Did the stars do well?  Sink or swim?



h/t:  moviepilot.com

What do you think?