The ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 2 Application Wants LGBT Statuses

Carlton Morton / Image via Netflix

Would you apply for Live is Blind if they were open to LGBTQ people or same-sex couples? Well, you might have that chance.

Season 2 of Netflix’s reality dating show Love is Blind is currently in the casting process. The show gained popularity last month kickstarted a lot of conversation (before Tiger King took away our attention). Part of the reason for the series’ success was its crazy premise. In the show, thirty men and women hoped to find love after ten days of speed dating. The catch was, they could only date while in “pods.”


Between those pods was a thin wall that allowed the couples to talk. By the end of the ten days, contestants had to decide whether or not they found someone worth marrying. They then spent a couple’s retreat in Playa del Carmen before heading home to prepare for the wedding (in a week).

Now that the show’s preparing for its second season, it appears that the producers are open to having LGBTQ people in the pods. As TMZ reports, the Netflix show is currently casting in the Chicago area. It appears that the current questionnaire asks hopeful contestants a series of questions like what’s their age, ethnicity, occupation, hobbies, desired & undesired physical traits in a partner, alcohol use, and, “What’s your sexual orientation?”

The inclusion of that last question makes sense. Despite the show’s success, one factor it failed to accomplish was its LGBTQ representation. First off, there were no same-sex couples within the first batch of contestants. That said, there was one contestant who didn’t identify as simply straight.

Image via Netflix

Carlton Morton appeared on the show with the desire to find the woman of his dreams, but with the honesty to admit that he’d dated men before. Unfortunately, that honesty was shared only with the show’s producers and audience. Morton failed to tell his fiancé, Diamond Black, that fact until their couples’ trip. He then became defensive when asked why he’d waited so long. That led to an argument that then led to an explosive breakup.

After the show’s airing, both Morton and Black received massive hate through social media. Both received death threats and Morton started going to a therapist to recover. That said, the show’s reunion episode revealed that the two were in a better place than when they last met.

With that in mind, will the show’s second season handle LGBTQ characters better than it did the first time around? We’ll see. First, they’ll need to get a few more LGBTQ people on the show. Then second, we’ll see if they decide to help foster same-sex pod dating or hope some gay crushing happens coincidentally.

Source: TMZ

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