The Sense8 Series Finale Trailer Dropped (And Fans Are Mourning The Beginning Of The End)

The trailer for the final season of Sense8 is out.

Sense8 is a Netflix original series about eight individuals who live in separate parts of the world. These eight people from the US, South Korea, Kenya, Germany, India, and more one day discover that they can hear each other’s thoughts, and use each other’s skills like medical knowledge and fighting skills. They use this connection to get through their personal drama while also fighting off a secret corporation out to kill them.

The series gained a cult following in its first two seasons, but unfortunately wasn’t large enough to make its expensive production costs worth it. (Though, some fans blame Netflix’s poor marketing tactics). As such, Netflx initially canceled the series.

Fans of the series were so upset by this announcement that they started an online campaign to save it. While Netflix wasn’t willing to renew the show for an additional season, they did announce a two hour long finale special to give fans some closure.

Now, the trailer for the final installment is out, and you can watch it down below.



Get ready to see the final chapter in the Sense8 story as the series finale will air on June 8.

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