“The Way Way Back, It Leads To You”

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Out singer/songwriter Christopher Sorensen’s touching new music video, “Way. Way. Back” chronicles a gay coming of age romance between two teenage boys.

The video tells the story of a gay man who returns to his hometown for a funeral. He’s haunted by the memories of a former love from his youth and the events that tore them apart.

“The video explores how we collect trauma throughout our lives, weighing us down as we try to move on,” says Sorensen. “Sometimes, by facing our pasts, we can find a new beginning.”

Now I’ve Got A Map Of My Youth / The Way Way Back / It Leads To You

The video, like his music, is well-crafted and offers some unexpected turns through its emotional journey.

Instinct recently chatted with the talented artist about the project and how he brings his art to life.

Instinct Magazine: What was the inspiration for “Way. Way. Back?”

Christopher Sorensen: “Way. Way. Back” is about a trauma in the past that determines all future outcomes in your life. I was really hurt by a guy in my past and didn’t think I’d be able to recover from it. Writing the song was a way of transforming that pain because music is healing. I’m still learning to let go and to not hold onto things that don’t serve me now. For the sake of the music video, I wanted to give myself and my audience a resolution with a happy ending.

IM: What’s your favorite part of the creative process?

CS: My favorite part of the creative process is definitely writing. Whenever I’m feeling anxious or angry or depressed, I can sit down with my guitar and write, and it’s kind of a catharsis for me. Whether I’m writing a song or creating a music video, I’m a storyteller above all else and love collaborating to bring my visions to life.

IM : Do you have a “process” in writing/recording?

CS: My best songs come to me when I least expect them. Words and a melody will come to me together when I’m in the shower or the car, and I’ll record them on my phone. There are times when I hear the melody first and the lyrics come second, but for me, I never hear the lyrics first. From there, I usually lay down tracks on Pro Tools and create my arrangement. Sometimes I’ll bring my song to another producer who can help me take it to another level. It’s very exciting when I later add visual elements and create a music video.

Christopher Sorensen

IM : Who are you listening to today?

CS: I come from a family of musicians, so my music taste is pretty eclectic! I love music that’s different and quirky and uses sounds in ways I’ve never heard before. I’m a huge fan of Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas. I’m also digging H.E.R., Kacey Musgraves, and Lizzo. I enjoy some older classics as well like Billy Joel, Elton John, and Kate Bush.

IM: What keeps you up at night?

CS: My cats waiting to be let out. Also my fear of failure.

IM: What is the most important lesson life has taught you?

CS: There are people who love you. Don’t pursue the ones who don’t.

Sorensen’s last music video, “Afterglow,” told the story of a young man meeting an older man on a dating app. Check it out here.

“Way. Way. Back” is available here, and you can follow Sorensen on Instagram here.

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